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Shoulder Pain Specialist

Elite Integrative Medical

Alternative Medicine & Pain Management located in Beverly Hills, CA

Shoulder pain may occur for a variety of reasons, from an injury to arthritis. The experienced doctors at Elite Integrative Medical offer effective, personalized treatment to patients who suffer from shoulder pain. Our goal is to restore your health without invasive surgery or expensive medications. We’ll locate the source of your pain and treat the underlying cause, rather than mask the symptoms.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

How common is shoulder pain?

Most people will experience mild shoulder pain at some point during their lives. However, for other patients, shoulder pain is chronic and/or more severe. In cases where shoulder pain is more bothersome and/or doesn’t resolve on its own after a few days, professional treatment may be required.

Why does shoulder pain occur?

Patients may experience shoulder pain for several different reasons. In some cases, shoulder pain occurs because of a problem with a nearby ligament, tendon, or muscle. In other cases, the pain comes from the shoulder joint itself. When shoulder pain stems from the joint, it will get worse when the patient moves the arm or shoulder.

Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include arthritis and bursitis. Both of these conditions cause swelling in the shoulder joint. Other possible causes of shoulder pain include dislocation and injury.

How does Elite Integrative Medical treat shoulder pain?

When a patient comes in with a complaint of shoulder pain, the doctors at Elite Integrative Medical begin by examining the patient thoroughly to determine the cause of the pain. In many cases, the doctor will order an X-ray to confirm or rule out certain issues.

After the doctor has identified the cause of the pain, he will develop a treatment plan designed to alleviate the patient’s pain, improve function in the shoulder, and reduce the likelihood of future injuries. Our doctors treat the whole patient, as opposed to conventional approaches that merely treat symptoms.

  • We provide complete medical care and offer effective, noninvasive solutions to your pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of function.
  • Your customized care plan will involve a range of treatments selected to meet your particular health needs.
  • You’ll experience natural modes of treatment, focusing on overall wellness and injury prevention.
  • We will collaborate with you to develop a set of goals to restore your health and ability to function. We know that a shoulder injury can be an obstacle to regular daily functioning, and we will aim to heal your injury and restore your life as quickly as possible.
  • You’ll discover natural, effective care for your shoulder injury without resorting to surgery or medications.

How effective is treatment for shoulder pain?

Many cases of shoulder pain will resolve completely with the right treatment. Over time, the issue causing the shoulder pain heals, and the treatment strengthens the shoulder to prevent the condition from recurring. In cases where shoulder pain is related to a chronic condition like arthritis, a cure may not be possible. However, by participating in regular treatment sessions, patients can maintain good function in the shoulder, build strength, and minimize the symptoms.