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Dr Berk’s Covid Killer

A powerful combination of Vitamin C, B12, and Glutathione that will rev up your lymphocytes (different kinds of white blood cells) to help fight off viruses and infection. These products are in a liposomal delivery format so that they are not destroyed by the stomach acid in your gut. Instead they pass directly into the blood stream, when held in your mouth for 30 seconds which allows for maximum cellular uptake. This brings the power of intravenous therapy into a convenient oral delivery.

Liquid D 2000 A specially concentrated formulation designed to maximize absorption and help in a variety of metabolic functions: Blood sugar metabolism, bone health, immune health, cardiovascular health, auto-immune responses, neurodegenerative disorders and many more.

Biocidin LSFIndependent Laboratory testing has concluded that Biocidin has broad reaching effects, including addressing biofilms. A virus will attach itself to a cell wall and cover itself in a biofilm so the body is unable to recognize it as a foreign invader. Once a biofilm is busted open the body can now work to address this foreign invader.

Dentalcidin Broad Spectrum Toothpaste Microorganisms and bacterial biofilms in dental plaque cause a number of oral health concerns that can lead to systemic health challenges. Use of the broad-spectrum botanicals in Dentalcidin can assist in removing biofilms and plaque. Don’t forget, most of these virus’s are RHINO-viruses, they fester in our sinus’s, throats and mouths!


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