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Understanding Migraines and How to Prevent Them

Migraine headaches affect millions of people, and while there’s no cure for them, there are some things you can do to help prevent them. If you suffer from migraines, here’s how we can help you get relief.
Jan 24th, 2021

Why Excessive Sitting Is Harmful to Your Health

Spending too much time sitting puts your health at risk, increasing your chances of developing obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. It also leads to muscle weakness and imbalance, which contributes to chronic pain.
Oct 1st, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses the power of your own body to heal itself. You can get relief from many chronic conditions using PRP therapy. Learn more about PRP and the benefits that you may see.
Aug 13th, 2020

The Importance of Exercise When You Have Arthritis

Arthritis, in all of its many different forms, can be debilitating. Some 54 million people in the US have been diagnosed with arthritis. Regular exercise can help with the pain and keep you living an active, healthy lifestyle.
Jul 22nd, 2020

6 Factors That Could Be Contributing To Your Sciatica

Sciatica, the inflammation of your sciatic nerve, can cause pain, tingling, and discomfort from your back down to your foot. If you have a flare-up, you want to know what triggers sciatica so you can prevent a reoccurrence. We have the answers.
Jun 12th, 2020