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Dr. Berk and his team are the most incredible professionals and achieve the greatest results. They take me from immobile to fully functional in a few sessions. I Highly recommend this team.

Frankie G.


Love the energy of the office, and I feel confident about the attention paid to, and care given to my health. I value Dr Berk a great deal. He is extremely knowledgeable. I like that he has so much knowledge about the intersection between chiropractic and fitness. Michael and the rest of the staff are hands down, the loveliest people and greet me warmly every time I come to the office. My spine and neck health have improved tremendously since I’ve been seeing Dr Berk. I no longer get migraines ... or headaches. I highly recommend getting initial X-rays and following through with the Dr Berk’s recommendations. It has really changed my life!

Ilissa G.


Everyone here is phenomenal at what they do and beyond professional in every way! Dr Berk and Dr Harris helped me fix a hip problem I’ve been dealing with for years, and they really listened to what I’ve been experiencing and were truly invested in helping me make a full recovery. I recommend EIM to everyone!

Tate D.


I have been going to Dr. Berk for years and can't say enough about his genuine care for his patients. I have referred many friends and recently my spouse who was a big skeptic and now a believer. Thank you Dr. Berk for caring for all my family and friends!! And he and his office are very dog friendly which speaks volumes of his big heart.

Leslye K.


I have been a patient of Dr. Berk’s for years and he has been invaluable to me. Despite having several herniated discs, scoliosis and a spondylolisthesis, Dr. Berk has kept me pain free and fully functional. I am a busy surgeon and constantly bent over and twisted so I rely on my visits to keep me working. Recently I developed a neck issue and he improved it with one visit. I am planning to do the rejuvenative injections through Elite Integrative in the very near future as I believe fully in their potential to provide long-term benefits.

Andrew F.


I truly Enjoyed my experience at EIM. The staff is amazing, very personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!

Dr Berk is wonderful !!

Javier C.


I walked into Elite Integrative Medical suffering from migraines, neck tension and an ear ache for 3 days prior. Every sound felt like a drill in my brain. I had to wear sunglasses because my symptoms intensified from the light. I met with Dr. Harris who recommended some Trigger point injections. Even though I am not a fan of needles/ injections I put my fears aside and my faith in his hands and trusted his suggestions. It went a lot smoother then I was expecting. After the Trigger point injections loosened the muscles in my neck I met with Dr. Berk for the chiropractic adjustment. The whole visit took about 30 minutes and I walked out amazed at how great I felt. My headache was gone, I had more range of motion in my neck and my overall lethargy was gone. I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I didn’t have to go another day feeling miserable . Thank you to everyone!! The office staff that treated me with empathy and compassion. And the Dr’s who not only explained everything but applied their techniques with precision and confidence. I am forever grateful.

Joanna T.


I’ve personally been working with Dr. Berg for over six years and have always had a stellar experience. Recently I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the new suite of integrative services. I’m still in shock about how fast my healing from a 20 year old injury I had has taken place. Minutes after my injection I was in disbelief about how much better I felt. I thought maybe it was psychosomatic but it has been improving ever since. It’s only been a few days and I can’t believe how much pain I was living with for 20 years without knowing it. The staff treats everyone like VIPs and family at the same time. I could go on and on for pages with this review but I will say that if you are in any degree of pain whether it be acute or chronic you cannot afford not to pay a visit to this place. I’ve been in the physical fitness, health and wellness field for about 20 years and I know the human body extremely well and as a former athlete I’m very sensitive to changes in my own body. Without a doubt this has been a life-changing experience. Don’t take my word for it. I will be telling all of my friends and clients.

Clarence H.


The doctors at Elite Integrative medical are beyond professional and incredibly caring and understanding!

They did a thorough history and exam and educated me on the cause of me my lower back, knee and neck problems. A comprehensive treatment plan was designed and executed by Dr. Berk and staff and the results went well beyond my high expectations! I can’t thank the outstanding team at Elite and Dr Berk enough for giving my body back.

Rich B.


Words can't express the appreciation I have for Elite Integrative Medical and their staff. It is difficult to find a place these days who genuinely cares about their patients. This office takes the cake when it comes to this. They are kind, knowledgeable and compassionate, caring, intuitive and devoted. It is rare to find all these attributes and skills in one place.

I have struggled with sciatica, headaches and shoulder pain to name a few and after only a few treatments at the office I feel like a new person. They did a thorough history and exam and explained my health issues and fixed it.

I cant explain how it feels to be pain free for the first time. Simply amazing!!!

I highly recommend the doctors at Elite Integrative Medical and their staff, and everyone in his office.

Wendy B.


Dr. Berk is true healer. He has saved me from back surgery and restored me to a fully physically able person! That may sound odd, but if you've ever been confined to laying flat on your back for weeks on end, you'll understand.

He is a miracle worker!!

In addition, the office staff is friendly and attentive. The office itself is exceptionally clean and well set up. Dr. Berk and his team deserve more praise than I can express.

Khrystyne H.


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